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Lovely ride -sc

Oh, ja. Make me come. I want to. Yyaahhhh. The receptionist made me wait until Daisy Duke arrived to take me back up. Ulysses hugged her from behind, smelling her thick blonde hair, kissing her shoulders while she cleaned some of the dishes. Jean licked her way up my legs and I spread them for her without any prodding.

Amanda reached down to take off her shoes. I wanted to show her who she belonged to. He was looking to the gradually darkening sky, breathing slowly, calming his nerves. Across the room, I could hear one of the wives reach their orgasmic pinnacle already.

Protruding from their backs were large wings that seemed to be made out of mercury while in their hands were bladed weapons that were as long as cars and consisted of a long crescent blade?almost like an arch?with a handle stretching between the two points, parallel to the spine of the blade. Paley, you ok. Jake asked the mesmerized girl as she absently licked her lips. Does it hurt Sally. I hadnt put that practice in though. We both looked sexy and hot. When she had changed she had removed her bra and just put on a T-shirt where the bottom half had been cut off.

I'm a slave merchant.

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Dianazan 1 year ago
Perfect sissy workout and goodness gracious Nina, what a fabulous fountain of cum, plus a cheeky kiss at the end mmm
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Oh yess being punished by mommy is the best and most erotic form of abuse
Runeweaver 1 year ago
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Anayadred 1 year ago
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Elmo 1 year ago
[HULEE-GUN] 1 year ago
Oohhh :o
Ladeau 1 year ago
Riley Jensen.
Reasinger 1 year ago
Idiotic juvenile porn didn't get a rise out of me
lor_18 June 2015
Warning: Spoilers
Much of Shaun Costello's early work seems motivated by boredom: stuck with the task of working long, hard (pun intended) hours as a pornographer/sex performer he sought to keep himself awake, if not the audience, by injecting dumb in-jokes and attempts at wit. COME AND BE PURIFIED is among his most childish insults.

The requisite amount of explicit sex footage is delivered here, but accompanied by inane would-be satire, as Jamie Gillis with affected speaking voice sort of acts the role of a New Age cum Catholic preacher, with nude Costello as his aide de camp, leading a meager flock through sexual exercises. Gillis' poor performance is actually beyond criticism, since it is fake on so many levels, including the plot device revealing him in the final reel cornily as a fraud.

The pseudo-religious babbling by Jamie, Shaun and particularly their lead parishioner Valerie Marron is not funny, and the chintzy, poorly lit (shadows looming) nondescript room for their service on the level of a home movie. The auteur's intended irreverence if not shock value (his sexual content here is not as outrageous as in much of his BDSM oriented work) is puerile, almost as if the finished product was not aimed at some Mafia-owned porn theater but rather to be seen at frat houses.

Being prollfic has somehow become a badge of quality in today's revisionist view of filmmaking from prior periods but I would tag Costello, Sarno, D'Amato and Franco (just to stick to the "o's" crowd) with negative points for each clunker in their quiver, reducing each one's net total to the minus column.